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In 2012, the Indiana General Assembly passed a law that has become known as the Second Chance Law. The Second Chance Law gives individuals who have been convicted of a criminal offense a second chance by allowing them to expunge or clean up their criminal record.

While the expungement law intends to benefit those seeking to expunge their criminal background significantly, it also leaves many questions unanswered. There are also time restrictions on how and when a petition to file for an expungement. Failure to strictly adhere to these restrictions can result in the loss of your ability to file an expungement petition. As experienced criminal law attorneys, we understand the expungement laws and will work closely with you to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls. We intend to do everything we can to clear your name and not allow a criminal arrest to follow you around forever.

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Expungement petitions are handled differently in each county throughout the state of Indiana. Some courts require a hearing before granting an expungement petition. Being prepared for this hearing can be essential to having your expungement granted. The expungement attorneys at Terry Legal Group, LLC, have experience filing expungements throughout Indiana. We understand what steps to take to clear your name.

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To discuss whether you qualify for an expungement to clean up your criminal record, contact us to speak with one of our expungement attorneys. You can reach Terry Legal Group, LLC by calling 888-881-8207. We are available for free 30-minute consultations to discuss your case 24/7.