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Skilled Representation In Violent And Sex Offense Matters

The attorneys at Terry Legal Group, LLC, know the stakes are high when their client’s liberty is on the line. Our attorneys have experience trying a range of major felony offenses in Indiana, including sex offenses, domestic battery, strangulation and homicide.

The Importance Of Experienced Representation

It is critically important to the outcome of your or a loved one’s case to consult an experienced Indiana criminal defense lawyer immediately upon an offense being committed or alleged. That is why Terry Legal Group, LLC offers free 24/7 consultations on criminal cases. We are unafraid to take on the toughest cases and fight for you until the final resolution of your matter.

Law enforcement will build its case in the hours before you can talk to a lawyer. While you or a loved one may feel compelled to speak with law enforcement, it may not be in your best interest. You do not have to speak to law enforcement and should not speak to law enforcement unless and until you have talked with us.

The consequences of a conviction are severe. It can lead to long-term imprisonment, probation, fines and permanent damage to your reputation. For that reason, you will want to have knowledgeable and capable attorneys on your side who will fight to protect your interests.

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