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Protecting The Futures Of Children

As parents we cannot control the outcome of the decisions children make. Unfortunately, children do not understand that while the decisions they make seem innocent, these decisions may actually have criminal consequences that can have a lasting effect on this child’s life.

If you are a parent who has a child that has been taken into custody by law enforcement in Indiana or has been asked to attend a preliminary interview with a probation department, you need to know that your child has a right to an attorney. Securing legal counsel early in the juvenile process is particularly important because it can significantly impact the outcome of the case for your child.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling a range of juvenile cases from very minor offenses to major felonies. Retaining counsel the moment your child commits the offense can impact the course of the case and its ultimate outcome. Counsel can negotiate terms with the prosecutor, recommend courses of action and help your child understand the lifelong impact of his/her decision.

If your child has had contact with law enforcement, contact one of our attorneys immediately. Terry & Gookins, LLC, offers free consultations on criminal cases 24/7 in order to ensure your child’s rights are protected when they need it the most.