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Fighting Drug Charges And Protecting Your Future

Drug crimes in Indiana can have serious consequences that change the course of your life. That is why you need a drug crime lawyer familiar with the court systems in Indianapolis and the counties bordering Marion County, such as Hamilton, Hendricks, Boone and Johnson. Our attorneys know the importance of working with you to develop a strategy that represents your interests and protects your rights.

The Harsh Penalties That Accompany Drug Charges

Drug crimes can include dealing and possession of drugs or paraphernalia. The penalties for these offenses can be substantially enhanced depending on the possession or dealing context, such as the amount or where it took place. Do not take what law enforcement tells you for granted. A lawyer from Terry Legal Group, LLC, can explain the charges, analyze law enforcement actions, assess any legal arguments and discuss how the charges may impact your life.

It is critical to know that law enforcement begins building its case the moment they come into contact with you. The most common contact with law enforcement arises from a simple traffic stop or casual encounter. Law enforcement will ask simple questions during the encounter, and it may seem like any response is harmless, but remember, law enforcement is trained to ask questions that will aid in their investigation. That is why Terry Legal Group, LLC has drug crime attorneys available 24/7 to answer questions about your case. The potential consequences are far too severe not to have adequate representation available.

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