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Civil litigation can take many forms, from litigating the breach of a noncompete agreement to landlord/tenant disputes. Terry Legal Group, LLC, our team has experience litigating a broad spectrum of civil cases. Our attorneys can represent you or your business, whether you have to defend a lawsuit or you have suffered damages and need to recover what is owed.

It does not matter if your case involves a simple eviction or damages over $100,000; our attorneys have the knowledge, experience, familiarity and comfort in the courtroom to zealously advocate on your behalf.

There are also times when litigation takes place outside of a courtroom. Our attorneys have experience litigating matters in front of administrative agencies such as medical licensing boards and in binding arbitration. We will address your concerns in a one-on-one consultation and arrive at a strategy that best meets your needs.

Representing Businesses When Legal Disputes Arise

If you or your business is involved in a dispute and you anticipate that litigation may be necessary, call Terry Legal Group, LLC, to develop a strategy for your case. A well-crafted plan, executed early in a dispute, can often help avoid the necessity of litigation. It can also help you avoid unnecessary waste of time and expense. Our attorneys will look out for your bottom line.

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