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Family Law Solutions

There is so much at stake in a family law case, it is of paramount importance that the legal issues are handled with care. At Terry & Gookins LLC, we understand the tremendous personal stakes that underlie these legal issues. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling complex, high-asset and high-conflict legal matters that affect the family. With law offices in Carmel, we serve clients throughout the Indianapolis metro and across surrounding areas.

Full-Service Family Law Representation

We can represent your interests in any family law issue in Indiana, including:

  • Contested or uncontested divorce: Whether your divorce is highly contentious or relatively amicable, our lawyers can protect your rights and guide you to a cost-effective outcome.
  • High-asset divorce: Our lawyers have the experience and resources to handle complex property division and other issues prevalent in a high net worth divorce.
  • Child custody: We are committed to protecting our clients’ parental rights and the best interests of their children. We can represent you in initial child custody and parenting time proceedings as well as in modification and enforcement issues.
  • Child support: Handling child support issues for parents who will be paying support as well as those who will be receiving it.
  • Spousal maintenance: Whether you are seeking spousal support or being asked to pay it, our lawyers can help you seek the best possible outcome.
  • Paternity: We represent any party with interest in a child’s paternity, including mothers seeking support and biological fathers wishing to assert their parental rights.

When disputes arise, we strive to resolve them amicably whenever possible. Our mediation practice is dedicated to helping disputing parties find common ground. When traditional litigation is necessary, we are always prepared.

Building Relationships

We work closely with our clients to gain an understanding of their family law goals. By building a relationship with you and learning what you want for your future, we can get to work on taking the necessary legal steps to make those hopes come to fruition.

You Aren’t In This Alone

Family law issues can be daunting, but you don’t have to face them alone. Our lawyers are here to answer your questions and guide you through the legal steps of a divorce, custody dispute or other family law matter. To arrange your initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney, please call our Carmel law offices at 317-564-0016 or contact us online.


The family law team at Terry & Gookins LLC, LLC includes the following attorneys:

  • Daniel J. Pfleging
  • Stephenie K. Gookins
  • Kimberly S. Lytle