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Is Mediation Right For Your Family Law Dispute?

If you are engaged in a dispute regarding divorce, child custody or another family law issue, you don’t have to rely on traditional litigation. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation can open the door to a more amicable and cost-effective means of finding common ground.

The Advantages Of Mediation For Resolving Your Legal Issues

In mediation, a neutral third-party mediator guides disputing parties toward resolving legal disputes. Mediation offers many advantages over traditional litigation, including:

  • Giving more control to the disputing parties, taking decisions out of the hands of a judge or jury
  • Typically being far less expensive than a dispute that litigated in court
  • Promoting harmony between disputing parties, rather than pitting them against each other
  • Investing parties in the success of the mediated outcome, making them less likely to revisit those issues later

Parties can agree to mediate a case independently or through their attorneys, or the court can order the parties to mediation. Regardless of how you have decided to mediate your domestic relations matter, we can handle the mediation for you. We will strive to achieve practical, cost-efficient and tailor-made results for your family.

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