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When parents establish a parenting plan, it is not necessarily the end of conflict and uncertainty. Even after custody is decided and a parenting plan is underway, parents may disagree over how to implement the plan. One parent may accuse the other of failing to abide by the plan’s terms. In cases where conflict continues, it is often helpful to enlist the services of a parent coordinator (PC).

At Terry Legal Group, LLC, we provide parent coordination services to clients in Carmel and throughout the greater Indianapolis area. We can represent your interests in all family law matters and custody-related legal issues.

The Role Of A Parent Coordinator

A parent coordinator, or PC, does not represent either parent but rather is working to find a resolution to particular issues that will be in the best interest of the child. The PC can be appointed with different levels of authority, from simply providing guidance for the parties involved to setting up treatment plans for parents and children to improve their communication and co-parenting.

The cost of PC services is generally shared by the parties, although it can be attributed to one party in similar circumstances. To engage a PC, you must pay a retainer. Also, both parties will need to sign letters of engagement by both parties to explain the process. Once the execution of the letters of engagement takes place, PC will meet with both parties individually so that she can learn the issues that are important to each individual. After the initial meetings, most communication will occur in joint sessions either in person, group email or conference call.

The goal of the PC process is to reduce the need to re-litigate issues and always put the best interest of the children at the forefront. Parent coordinators are helpful for parents who are unable to come to vital decisions pertaining to their children. This intervention is especially essential when allegations of abuse or neglect of the child persist.

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