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Charged With Drunk Driving? We Can Help.

Getting arrested for drunk driving in Indiana can be a scary experience. You will find comfort and reassurance from our drunk driving attorneys at Terry Legal Group, LLC, as they walk you through the progress of your case.

From the time of your arrest through the conclusion of your case, our attorneys will ensure you are well informed and educated about your case and the impact it may have on your life. Our attorneys understand that the criminal justice system can be intimidating, frightening, and embarrassing and we do not want you to have to navigate your way through this process alone. We will take discuss your matter with you in-depth and take immediate action.

The Importance Of Having An Attorney On Your Side

Through our years of experience defending our clients’ rights, the attorneys at Terry Legal Group, LLC, understand that most arrests for operating while intoxicated (OWI/DUI/DWI) will not occur when an attorney is available to speak with you. Our firm understands that individuals arrested may want to talk to us right away.

We offer 30-minute telephone consultations 24/7 to answer your basic questions and get a jump start defending your case. Because we understand the importance of retaining experienced criminal defense representation to defend your liberty, we offer flexible payment plans and varied fee structures that are certain to accommodate your budget.

Our team of attorneys handling DUI cases includes a former Hamilton County deputy prosecutor and long-time criminal defense attorney. Our knowledge and experience give our team the unique advantage by understanding the prosecutor’s perspective.

Lawyers Ready To Serve You

Do not wait to consult with an attorney about your case if arrested. We may need to obtain critical information at the outset of your case, and any delay could forever result in the loss of crucial information. Call our office at 888-881-8207 to discuss your case today. You can also contact us by email.