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Possible ways to uncover hidden assets during a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Family Law

There could be a multitude of vital topics to address when preparing to protect your future during the end of your marriage. One of the most pressing concerns could involve taking inventory of marital assets and preparing to make informed decisions about your available options and what is best for your future in Indiana. 

Identifying and valuing your marital possessions can be stressful enough, but the process may become even more complex if you suspect your soon-to-be former spouse may be hiding assets. Knowing some ways to uncover hidden assets might be integral to preventing such issues from affecting the outcome of your divorce. 

Where to begin 

Part of preventing hidden assets from affecting your situation could involving knowing some ways to shed a light on such tactics. Some tips to help you along this journey might include: 

  • Warning signs:  Possible warning signs to watch for may include scenarios in which the other party is secretive about finances or tries to keep you from taking part in financial decisions. 
  • Where to look:  Obtaining copies of financial statements from banking and investment accounts could prove helpful and recent tax returns could also hold a wealth of useful information. 
  • Digital assets:  Digital assets such as cryptocurrency may also be a topic to address, and while it might be more difficult to uncover similar assets, it is by no means impossible. 
  • Family or friends:  Experts also indicate that those attempting to conceal assets during a similar process may give these possessions or funds to family members or friends for safekeeping. 

This may only be a few examples of ways to uncover hidden assets, and with the potential gravity similar issues could carry on the outcome of your divorce, seeking insight on how best to approach the process could be imperative. 

Safeguarding your future 

Uncovering hidden assets might just be one vital aspect to cover when facing the end of your marriage. Taking steps to prepare a strategy for what comes next and seeking advice on all your available options may prove integral to helping you prepare to make informed choices about what is best for your future. Such measures could place you in a better position in which to seek the most best outcome achievable concerning your future and help shift your focus toward approaching the next stage in your life with confidence and serenity.