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The attorneys at Terry & Gookins, LLC, are committed to defending your Second Amendment rights. Our attorneys handling firearms cases are lifetime members of the National Rifle Association and staunch defenders of the Second Amendment. We are committed to ensuring American citizens retain their right to possess firearms, which for many, has become part of their family heritage. Terry & Gookins, LLC, offers a wide array of services related to the defense of the Second Amendment. Some of the most common issues we encounter are described below.

Restoration Of Right To Possess Firearm

Your right to possess a firearm can be forfeited upon the conviction of certain offenses such as crimes of domestic violence and any felony or if you are listed in a civil protective order. Possessing a firearm when you are prohibited from doing so can result in state and/or federal criminal liability. This does not mean that your right to possess a firearm cannot be restored. Certain provisions in the law allow Indiana residents to legally have their right to possess a firearm restored so long as you meet certain requirements. If you think that you have lost your right to possess a firearm, please give us a call to talk to us about restoring your Second Amendment right.

Gun Trusts

Federally regulated firearms (NFA firearms) such as automatic weapons, suppressors and short barreled rifles are legal to purchase and possess. Creating a gun trust can ease the acquisition of these firearms and, more importantly, allow you the opportunity to share the enjoyment of these firearms with friends and family. Gun enthusiasts with extensive collections will often seek our services to ensure their collections pass to beneficiaries according to their comprehensive estate plan.

While gun trusts are commonly used to acquire NFA firearms, they can also be used for non-NFA firearms as well. If you have a collection of firearms you wish to keep out of a public probate process upon your death, a gun trust can help protect the privacy of your collection.

Concealed Carry Permit Application Denial Appeals

With increasing pressure created by anti-gun lobby, it can become more difficult to obtain firearms and the licenses necessary to carry them in a concealed fashion. If you have applied for a concealed carry permit in the state of Indiana and have been denied, the attorneys at Terry & Gookins, LLC, can help. We have helped clients who the state has deemed an “improper person” for issuing a license on the basis of decades old mental illness diagnoses, felony convictions and making false statements on their applications. If you have been denied your concealed carry permit, contact the attorneys at Terry & Gookins, LLC, immediately to discuss your case. There are deadlines associated with the denial that must be met to keep your application moving!

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