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Seeking to modify a parenting plan due to a relocation

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Family Law

There are a variety of circumstances in life that could leave you with a need or desire to move to a different location. Whether it stems from a change in employment, or from an inclination to move closer to family, your decision to relocate might not only seem preferable, but necessary.

While in many cases, this process may involve little more than finding a place to live and transferring your belongings, things might not be so simple in the presence of a child custody agreement. Seeking modifications to your parenting plan could be essential to protecting the interests of both you and your kids.

Topics to address

If you and the other parent cannot reach an agreement concerning your proposed relocation, it might be up to the court to address the matter and make the final decision. Some of the factors that may influence the decision regarding your desire to relocate could include:

  • Motivation: The reasons behind your request to relocate will likely influence the outcome of your situation, as the court will take this into account when making a final ruling.
  • Distance: The distance of your relocation could also play an integral role, as the greater the distance of your move, the more likely it could affect current visitation schedules.
  • Impact on kids: The impact your relocation will have on the day-to-day lives of your kids is also an essential component, and in some cases, a relocation could even prove to be in their best interests.
  • Age of kids: The court may also take the age of your kids into account and might even ask children of a certain age to weigh in and provide their thoughts on the matter.

Knowing the topics that could influence the outcome of your request to relocate could be vital to preparing to protect your interests and the interests of your kids.

Navigating the process

With various aspects to address and consider, preparing to seek modifications to a parenting plan due to a desire to relocate could seem a harrowing experience. Prior to choosing a path, you could find it helpful to consult with someone with experience in federal and Indiana state child custody laws for guidance in navigating the process. This type of advice could help provide you with insight on what to expect from the process and assist you in preparing to pursue the best outcome achievable through the proper outlets.