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Specialized Driving Privileges are Indiana’s New Hardship License

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2017 | Criminal Law

Is a suspended driver’s license keeping you or someone you know from getting to work? Indiana’s laws previously allowed for persons with a suspended license to petition for a hardship license. In such circumstances, persons with a suspended license who could prove the suspension was causing a significant hardship were permitted to file a petition for a license to allow them to drive to and from work. Recently, Indiana eliminated the hardship license statute and replaced it with “Specialized Driving Privileges.” Specialized driving privileges are available to a broader set of people with a suspended license. There are only a few limited circumstances that will keep someone from being eligible to petition for specialized driving privileges. If you believe that you may be eligible for specialized driving privileges, you are encouraged to contact an attorney to discuss your eligibility.

It is important to understand that eligibility to petition for specialized driving privileges does not guarantee they will be granted. A petition for specialized driving privileges will still require a hearing in front of a judge who will determine whether to grant specialized driving privileges. The judge also has the authority to limit or expand the terms of the specialized driving privileges.

If awarded, specialized driving privileges often permit travel to and from work and during the course of employment. Depending upon the circumstances, courts may allow travel to medical appointments, parenting time exchange locations and counseling. In some instances, courts may exercise their broad discretion and allow travel to other locations.

By law, specialized driving privileges must last for at least 180 days. If you are currently suspended it is important you consult with an attorney right away about specialized driving privileges. An attorney will be in the best position to advise you regarding your eligibility, the timing of when to file a petition for specialized driving privileges, and the proper requests to make in the petition.

If you would like to determine whether you are eligible for specialized driving privileges contact an attorney at Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC.